Appetizers and Salads

shrimp cocktail

Jumbo Atlantic Shrimp, House Sauce, Fresh Horseradish


Cheese plate

Assorted Local and Imported Cheeses. (Ask Your Server)


Foie Gras

Seared Apple, Truffled Balsamic Reduction


blue cheese salad

Walnuts, Dried Cherries, Apples, Honey Balsamic


Caesar Salad

Garlicky dressing white anchovies


Curried mussels

(16oz) Coriander, Carrots and Bread


Main Courses

Magrette Duck Breast (6oz)

Garlic Mashed, Pink Peppercorn Demi, Veggie


New York StripSteak (140z choice steak, choice

Garlic Mashed, Veggie


Ribeye Steak (160z) Choice)

Garlic Mashed, Veggie


Hanger Steak au poivre (6oz) NorthEast Family Farms

Cognac Shallot Demi, Potato, Veggie 


Shrimp caesar salad

White Anchovies (or No)


Faroe Island Salmon

Beurre Blanc, Garlic Mashed, Veggie


Spinach and smoked Roasted garlic ravioli

VT Creamery Chèvre, Nutty Arugulu Pesto, Balsamic Reduction 


Blue Cat Steak & Wine

1 Lawson Ln.

Burlington, VT 05401